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3 Tips For Buying Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

There are many benefits to buying jewelry from a pawn shop. You can often get great prices on used jewelry, often paying 50 percent of what a jewelry store would charge for a similar piece. Another advantage to buying jewelry at a pawn shop is that you may be able to find vintage, antique or […]

Strengthening Your Borrowing Power With Construction Equipment Rental Services

Owning and managing the finances of your construction company can be headache—especially since the overhead costs for materials and equipment that are needed can be enormous.Although you have no choice but to purchase the materials needed outright, you have a choice of either buying or renting construction equipment. Renting construction equipment can strengthen your company’s […]

What Are Your Most Efficient (And Least Expensive) Ways To Move Your Office?

Whether your business is booming and you can finally afford a more client-central location, or you’re downsizing your too-large office to cut costs, you may be overwhelmed at the prospect of amending everything from signage to bank accounts to business cards — not to mention the actual physical move of an entire office filled with […]