4 Ways To Honor Your Loved Ones Through QR Coded Gravestones

After fully customizing a grave marker for your loved one, you might feel like something is still missing. Even with high quality embedded color photos, stylized etchings and engraved information, the grave marker may fall just a bit short in showing the highlights of your loved one’s life. Luckily, you can work with your funeral director to add a QR code sticker to the corner of the grave marker. Viewers can quickly scan the QR code to retrieve a plethora of information about the individual resting in that grave plot. You can add the following elements to the QR code data to honor your loved one with this high tech addition.


You can organize the QR page in such a way that photographs pop up first. You may just want to gaze upon of the face of your loved one while you stand or sit at the graveside. With the photographs coming up first, you can simply scan the code and view the pictures without scrolling through any other information. Consider adding the most current photos first and going back through the years from there. Make sure to include photos of the most joyful times to bring forth a cascade of pleasant memories.  

Personal Biography

The personal biography assists future generations in learning more about their deceased relatives. While visiting the cemetery, you can share the biographical information with young family members to help them make close connections with these lost loved ones. The biography should start with birth and schooling and move onto career and family life. Also, include the loved one’s favorite artwork, cars, pets and activities.  You can use bullet points to add personal accomplishments in an easy-to-read list format.

Family History

You can also add a small family history to the QR coded page. Future generations will enjoy seeing how branches of their family line ties into the full tree.  The history should go back as many generations as possible to give everyone a clear look at relationships in the line. You can set up the history in a minimalistic tree format or simply write out the information in paragraph form. Verify that you have all maiden names correct to make the information easy to understand for all of the future generations.

Home Movies

You might have room to add a few home movies to the QR page. Ideally, the videos should highlight your loved one’s unique personality, smile and voice. Select the videos that showcase the important times in your loved one’s life. A video of the individual’s first words, birthday party or wedding dance can go a long way in soothing the pain of losing a loved one.  Verify the videos only show your loved one in a positive light to rightfully honor the memory of your family member.

Setting Up Your QR Codes

To acquire QR codes for a grave marker, you will first need to inquire about cemetery regulations to determine if you can use this technology on their site. If so, your funeral director can help you acquire and set up the QR codes for your loved one’s grave marker.

Once you receive the code, you will need to manually add all of the above elements to set up the page brought up by scanning the code. The QR code data can be updated as you find new photos, videos and information about your loved ones.

If the QR codes are not a possibility, you will soon be able to add some of these personal elements to an embedded video screen. The screen starts playback with a touch of a button, though many do not play sound.  

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