Loading Up Moving Trucks: 5 Tips for Securing Each Load

It’s often difficult to move everything from your old house to the new one by yourself. For the sake of convenience and time efficiency, it’s best to hire professional movers, especially when you’re moving mountains of boxes at a time. It’s important to spend some extra time securing all packed goods into the moving trucks to prevent them from falling over during the journey. Here are 5 tips to consider.

Use Moving-Grade Boxes Only

Although it may be more cost efficient to use cardboard boxes collected from grocery stores, moving-grade cardboard boxes are a much better option, as they are more secure and durable in comparison. Moving-grade boxes have better structural integrity for stacking. It’s generally best to use moving-grade boxes that are of a similar size. These boxes also “square off”, so to speak, which makes it a lot easier to level them off.

Ensure Weight is Distributed Evenly Throughout the Trucks

Take into account the weight of the boxes being loaded onto the trucks, and make sure to distribute the weight evenly from left to right and front to back. You don’t want one side of the truck to be heavier than the other, as this can cause the moving trucks to be harder to control when they are on the road. 

In general, the boxes will be more secure if the heavier ones are loaded at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It’s also best to place heavier boxes against the walls for support, and to free up room in the middle for loading purposes.

Tie Everything Down with Nylon Loading Straps

There are usually wooden frames installed to the inner walls of the moving trucks. These wooden frames usually have metal hooks sticking out of them. You should tie and secure all of your boxes by hooking nylon loading straps into the hooks and wrapping them around the boxes. This will prevent the boxes from moving around.

Store Mirrors and Glass Tabletops Against the Sides of the Trucks

If you are loading mirrors, glass tabletops or any other flat, and fragile items onto the trucks, you want to secure them against the sides. Some moving trucks have pockets or straps for securing these items in place. If not, you might want to take advantage of the frame of the moving trucks, and secure the items yourself using nylon loading straps. For added security, wrap these items with bubble wrap, wrapping paper or any other type of padding for protection.

Fill in Gaps and Empty Spaces with Bags of Towels, Clothes and Stuffed Animals

Last but not least, you should fill in as many empty gaps and spaces as you can with bags filled with towels, clothes and stuffed animals. These soft fabrics will act as cushioning to reduce the effects of any impact caused by bumps on the road. You can even squeeze these soft fabrics inside the boxes to protect whatever is being stored. It’s definitely a much cheaper alternative to purchasing peanut foam and other types of packing supplies.

Before loading all of your items onto the moving truck, speak with the professional moving company to come up with a game plan on how everything is going to be loaded and secured. Determine where everything goes. If everyone is on board and aware of what needs to be done, the job will be completed a lot quicker. Most professional movers advise having at least one person at the truck to sort the boxes, and to pack and load the lighter items. 

For further assistance or tips, be sure to contact moving professionals in your area.