Archive | March, 2015

Handling The Moisture: What To Do When Your Air Conditioner’s Water Becomes Trouble For You.

If you use a window-mounted air conditioner, then you know dripping water is just part of it what it does. However, you may not realize where the water comes from nor how a window unit is designed to dispose of it. In addition, this water can cause significant problems if proper installation and maintenance procedures […]

Store Your Commercial Truck In The Suburb To Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Truckers insurance costs are significant, especially for long-haul drivers who cross state lines. According to Trusted Choice, commercial tractor trailer insurance premiums start out at $2,500 and goes up. Often, long-haul drivers pay some of the highest premiums, because they must maintain Federally mandated levels of coverage when crossing state lines. If you’re a long-haul […]